The Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Barrie (BPW Barrie) is a non-sectarian, non-profit, non-partisan organization which promotes the interests of working women in our community. It operates within the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs (BPW Canada) toward the improvement of the status of women in all phases of society, especially in business, the professions and industry.

Although BPW Barrie is not a service organization, like most BPW clubs, BPW Barrie is involved in community work, such as support for local women's charities, shelters and bursaries for female students.

BPW Ontario is a member of the Provincial Council of Women and interacts with other organizations in areas of mutual interest and concern, such as Friends of Women's College Hospital, Soroptimist, Zonta, UNESCO, Empower Women and Canadian Federation of University Women.

BPW Barrie holds monthly General Meetings on the third Tuesday of each month, hosting it's Annual General Meeting in May of each year.

In addition to workshops, speakers, entertainment and networking, BPW Barrie members, through participation in the Advocacy Committee discussions and debates, draft resolutions addressing issues of advocacy, equality and empowerment within international, national, provincial and municipal jurisdiction. The resolutions which are accepted form the basis of an annual brief to the respective levels of government, and further submissions to other organizations.

BPW Barrie meets monthly at Office Inc! - 54 Cedar Pointe Drive, #1207, Barrie, ON. Members and Guests are welcome.  RSVP is required, as our General Meetings include a meal.  Please advise of any special dietary requirements not less than one week prior.

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BPW Barrie meets monthly on the third Tuesday of each month at Office Inc! - 54 Cedar Pointe Drive, #1207, Barrie, ON

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BPW Barrie Annual Membership

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