BPW Barrie Members

Sandra Franke

Sandra Franke

Sandra Franke is BPW Barrie's longest serving member and our sole "Lifetime Member". Having joined BPW in 1985, Sandra has been actively engaged and has been club President (twice!) and provincial Parliamentarian for several years. Sandra has represented BPW Barrie at dozens of provincial conferences, national conventions, and one international congress in Helsinki, Finland!

Teresa Habs

Teresa Habs

Teresa Habs (University of Guelph, Honours B.A. History and Sociology 1970; University of Waterloo M.A. Canadian History 1971; University of Toronto Ontario College of Education Teaching Certificate 1972) was born and raised in Guelph Ontario. Retired from a Royal Bank career spanning 34 years. Teresa joined BPW in 1987 and was Provincial President from 2010- 2012. She values the sisterhood and relationships, the involvement in community, and BPW’s work for women.

Sylvia Hodgson

Sylvia Hodgson

Sylvia Hodgson has been a BPW since 1997. Along with her husband, she has operated Non-Destructive Testing Service Co. for 30+ years. It gives Sylvia great pleasure to be associated with her BPW friends, especially, since has a home-based office. In the summer, Sylvia enjoys swimming with heer golden retriever at her cabin at the French River and modern technology allows her to work from Florida in the winter. Website: www.hodgsonndt.com

Faith Rowntree, Young BPW

Faith Rowntree

Faith Rowntree is a full-time Chemical Engineering student at University of Waterloo and a Young BPW member since 2019. She intends to pursue a career in the petroleum industry upon graduation in 2023.

Zoe Rowntree, Young BPW

Zoe Rowntree

Zoe Rowntree is a full time English student at Queen's University and a Young BPW Barrie member since 2020.


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